Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The cliff was too high for me to reach, too rocky for me to climb but the determination I had was too strong that I could no longer think of the uncertainties I might encounter along. With sheer perseverance I pursued my dream of going up, shed blood, sweat and tears. Yet in spite of it all, the countless fall I made led to the accumulation of dark crimson marks on the surface of my skin which penetrated my bones down to my soul. The absorption took away the strength I used to have. I doubted my capabilities and refused to try again. Acceptance I thought was the best thing for me to do to relieve me from my involvement in this unbearable plight. But when my dream came across I saw a glimmer of light giving me a little hope to continue my struggle, to recover my strength.

Unaware of it, I triumphantly reached the top. Unbelievable it seemed but I was to do it with God’s guidance. The joy was indeed priceless and the fulfillment could not be traded with anything else for I gained back my self-worth, my honor. I realized nothing is impossible if you only dared try. I victoriously won the battle merely because I tried.

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