Wednesday, November 12, 2008

new life

I gazed at the clouds above waiting for the rain to come. The balmy wind, the rustling of the leaves made a soothing atmosphere, gently healing the scars pulling away the poignant pangs which remained in me for such a long time, all flowing with the breeze.

I was standing alone under a tree. Dark and placid the place was but the quick sound behind broke the silence, awakened me from deep reminiscing. Somebody was following me….stared and smiled at me. I tried to avert my sight, ran far away from him. He stopped me…tightly held my arms. A hair-raising thunder fastened me to numbness. He wrapped his arms around me to protect and comfort me. I found security in him.

When the rain poured hard, he embraced me firmly to warm the coldness I felt all my life. Tears gush down uncontrollably like the cadence of the rain. Cleansed and healed I was for I finally left the past, freed myself from the chains of agony. I started all over again…giving myself a chance to live my life again.

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