Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Its music that wakes me up to a shiny day
Even if it’s dull like shades of gray
Its music that makes every day a “special day”
Even for the least unexpected way

Its music that gives me life like the sun
Even if my world refuses to take spun
Its music that wields me to strive and run
Even if my body takes on a million pun

Its music that serves as my “guiding light”
Even through the coldest, darkest of all the night
Its music takes a stand for me to fight
Even if everyone seems nowhere in sight

Its music that serves as my only inspiration
Even if the world doesn’t even bother for such reason
Its music that takes me to a world full of imagination
Even if everyone seems to bliss me off to harsh realization

Its music that permits my love take such progress
Even if everyone seems happy to see me oppress
Its music that I will forever stand up for such prowess
Even if it has taken as a promise to you my Goddess…

Music is a meaning for life, not hatred, not war,
It is a cry for peace from the people who have quiet voices.
Music may not be able to solve everything,
But it can solve silence,
Music solves problems.

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