Wednesday, November 19, 2008

mend your broken heart

There isn't a sure-fire way to mend a broken heart but there are definitely things you can to do to make it feel a bit lighter and ready for new love. First, allow yourself to feel what you need to and take all the time in the world to get over the person. For some people it may only take a few weeks to move on and others years. However long it takes, be okay with that. The ideas below are not meant to cover up your loss but rather to help your healing process so you can move on and enjoy being single for awhile!

Throw a small party. The fun of letting loose and being surrounded with your close friends can make anyone feel better.

Gather everything that reminds you of your past love and put it in a box specifically for this. Then give it to a friend or store it somewhere where you won't see or think about it. When you're ready you can either throw away the box or keep it for memory's sake.

Start a new exercise or well-being plan. It never hurts to take time to look good!

Start a daily journal, even if it's on your computer. Somewhere everyday take the time to jot down whatever comes to mind. The idea in starting a journal is not to write cleverly or even about anything important. Just write (or type) whatever comes to mind even if your journal starts to look like this: "Went shopping yesterday for a new book oh yea need to e-mail Susan, the flowers on that window sill need watering." The point of your journal is to clear your thoughts. In a few weeks you will be able to read your entries to discover new things and trends about yourself.

Join a new interest group. It's never to early too meet new friends and, at least this way, you'll already have one thing in common.

Learn something new. Take a foreign language or art course, or buy a how-to computer program.

Pick out an inspirational book or movie to read or watch whenever you start feeling down or depressed.

Take yourself out on a date, even if it's a night alone watching your favorite programs and eating your favorite foods.

Do the things you said you always wanted to do when you were with your partner but somehow never did.

Get a new look.

Pick up a calendar and fill out the next 3 months with social events you'd like to attend or things you'd like to do. Browse your city's web site or the entertainment section of your local newspaper to find out ideas, dates and times.

Spend a "comfy" day. Get out your favorite comfy clothes, pillow, blanket, etc. and just spend the day relaxing doing whatever you want!

Get a pet or plant to take care of.

Rent a few romantic movies or read a few romance novels to remind yourself that love does still have happy endings.

Write a goodbye poem or letter. Then stick it in a bottle and throw it out in the sea or attach it to a helium balloon to be carried away.

Do something you wouldn't normally do to celebrate your "singleness."

Redecorate your space. Start off by cleaning out everything and throwing away anything you don't use or need anymore. Make a few self-indulgent decorating additions like a few candles, a favorite painting or fresh flowers!

Visit a new city. Pick some place you've always wanted to go or some place closer to home to save money.

Spend time with your friends.


Lanette said...

Love the song and great suggestions to keep one busy through the process.

The best thing you can do for yourself is realize all this will take time. Once you figure out what went wrong you will be able to examine how to fix it.
To help you figure it all out what to do. Click the link for help on how to mend your broken heart.

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