Friday, March 13, 2009

ode to a friend

this poem was written by me for a friend way back in college...

Though I've known you for such a short while
You've proven to me that you're one of a kind,
An extraordinary pal who's ready to..

...listen in everyhting I say
...make me smile when I'm awfully exhausted
...regale me when I'm not in the mood
...offer pieces of advice when I'm doubtful of what my action should be
...understand me when thing go wrong.

The profundity of your thought and insights
Have enriched my life indeed, making a big difference
Into my monotonous existence.
Unaware you are perhaps but I've gained a lot from you
That's why I appreciate your candidness and your ability
To speak your mind out.

There coudn't be too many men as thoughtful, attentive
And wonderfully tender as you are.
Mere words are not enough to express my deepest gratitude
To you who has been extra nice and understanding.

You're not only a friend whom I can rely to
You're a hero as well, ready all the time
To do anything for others without expecting a reward.
So with all my heart I thank you for sharing yourself to me
And spending your time with me.

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