Thursday, March 19, 2009


It was a cold rainy day. I spent the whole day at home sleeping until the honk of a car woke me up. It was Micqui. I stood up and prepared myself. We had dinner at calle cinco while waiting for another friend of mine, Vanessa. We were supposed to meet at the coffee shop however my stomach was craving for food so we dropped by at C5 to ease my aching stomach. After having a good dinner we went to Cups and Lowercase.

For the information of everybody, coffee shop is a place me and my friends usually hang out. We update our lives and talk about anything over coffee. Cups and Lowercase is a bit different from the usual coffee shop since it has a live acoustic band in it. I like the place so much. The interior design is unique as well. In fact, of all the coffee shops I have been, this one stands out from the rest.

While we were there taking advantage of the cozy ambiance, my friends kept on teasing me because I was glued on my mobile phone. They did not know that a friend of mine was pouring his heartaches out over yahoo messenger. I was thinking then that it is so rare for a guy to be stuck in a past relationship…I mean it has been almost a year and yet he has not gotten over it…pretty weird. He probably thought I can rescue him from that situation. Thus I gave him my opinion regarding his problem. I told him to move on and go on with his life….the usual words of comfort. It was a busy night for me. I was doing two things at the same time…lol…conversing with my friends while cheering a friend thru text. We did not notice that it was getting late until the band stopped playing. We posed and took pictures for a while and went home.

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