Wednesday, September 16, 2009


(I want to share this article written by my boyfriend about the political issues in our nation. I hope this would serve as an eye opener for us Filipinos to vote wisely.)

Government paid infomercials have fetched huge amount of criticisms from all sectors. It was said that each was being cashed out through funds which were supposedly intended for the Filipino people. The democratic process,particularly the election process in the Philippines is a festive one. One cannot say that just by mere popularity, achievements, possessing a cute smile, or by how many name a candidate can recall during election campaigns so that he or she will be vindicated and be elected to certain government position. But all these years, a candidate who spends much(in monetary form) will definitely assume the position. It is a historical truth. To run and win as a Mayor for example, one must spend in Millions of Pesos and for a Presidential post, it will require billions.

However, other entities have been taking advantage out of this outrageous spectacle and some of which are in the TriMedia. In the race for the 2010 Elections for example, you will notice some numerous infomercials on TV, Radio and Newspapers of possible candidates. This said infomercials are worth not by thousands of Pesos but my Millions and others surprisingly admitted that such spending were paid by our taxes. Sadly, there were no reactions coming from government agencies associated in regulating and/or prohibiting individuals and/or entities regarding this pre-election campaign commercials. Furthermore, I was surprised that such infomercials are still being aired today by Media outlets Ironically, some media giants like GMA Network and ABS-CBN have manifested their desire to ensure a peaceful, fraud-less and orderly Elections come May 2010 through their respective advocacies such as ABS-CBN's Boto mo Ipatrol Mo; AKO ANG SIMULA and GMA's TATAKBO KA BA?

I am so upset that this Media giants are merely confusing the people on how to make a stand to make a better future for the Filipino people. I am not saying that I am against those advocacies that this Media giants are propagating. In fact, it is a remarkable move to create advocacies that will generate knowledge to make the voting public into responsible people. What is only ironic here is that while this media giants are actively encouraging people to become responsible, but they themselves did not act responsibly as they continuously earning millions of pesos from infomercials. Even if there are no laws that prohibit infomercials, they should police themselves and volunteered not to air such Political Ads.
I am just an ordinary Citizen who is still dreaming of a nation that is Pro-God,Pro-People,and Pro-Environment. It is only my motive to this humble view not to make myself popular, but to practice within me the notion, AKO ANG SIMULA.

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